The 2nd Al-Noor International Conference for Science and Technology (2NICST2020)

August 28-29, 2020


The Second Al-Noor International Conference for Science and Technology (2NICST2020) is the annual international scientific conference that includes three main streams. The first one is engineering, the Science stream is the second, and the last stream is Agricultural; it includes a variety of topics in these three streams. The conference was supposed to be held in the city of Baku / Azerbaijan, on August 24-30, 2020. It was planned to have tours in Baku, but due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the conference was held online using the virtual conference application (Zoom APP) on August 28-29, 2020.
The conference committees received 229 papers, 163 papers were accepted, and 66 papers were rejected. The research papers participating in the conference were published in eight journals.
They are Conference Proceedings, two engineering journals (JGE and JMERD), four journals within the disciplines of applied and pure sciences (IEEE Iraq Section, IJS, BCA, and Journal of Physics (IOP)), and one journal for Agricultural Science (PA). Most of the researchers received acceptance from journals before the date of the conference, and this was the main goal of the conference committees.
Three governmental universities supported the conference, The University of Baghdad, The University of Mosul, and The University of Diyala. In addition to a private college, the Al-Maerifa University College. The conference committees attempted to open up prospects for cooperation with all universities in the conference activities by selecting session chairs and keynote speakers from them. The conference opening ceremony was distinctive on the first and second days by inviting six keynote speakers from Egypt, Sweden, Britain, and Iraq.
To evaluate the performance of the committees and the conference activities in general, the conference committees organized a questionnaire. The questionnaire was published during the two days of the conference. It included thirty-two questions about the conference committees and activities. There were 149 researchers and attendees who participated in the questionnaire. The questionnaire results showed that 89% of the participations evaluation of conference committees’ performance and conference activities were between good and excellent, while the others were poor. This is clear evidence of the success of the conference.
To open up prospects for cooperation with universities and to achieve the best results globally, the conference committees invited all Universities (governmental and private), Scientific Institutions, and Researchers to participate in the activities of the Third Al-Noor International Conference for Science and Technology (3NICST2021), which will be held in Muscat – Oman on August 1st-7th, 2021.

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EN1002 The Effect of The Iraqi Local Climate on The Design of The Abbasid Palaces.
EN1003 Removal of Sulfur Compounds in Iraqi Kerosene Using 1-Ethyl -3-Methyllimidazolium Acetate.
EN1006 Metal-ceramic Composite to Improve Wear Resistance of Aluminum Alloys Surface by Nanoceramic Electroplating.
EN1007 Simulation Study to Calculate the Vibration Energy of Two Molecules of Hydrogen Chloride and Carbon Oxide
EN1008 Optimization of Selected Mechanical Properties of Recycled Al-Fe Alloy Through Response Surface Methodology
EN1009 Analytical Study of The Economic Feasibility of Waste Incinerator Investment to Generate Electricity for Dijlah University College in Baghdad.
EN1011 Adverse Health Effects Caused by Toxic Metals in Soil Near Industrial Activities by Using Risk Assessment Approach
EN1012 The Role of Talents in Stimulating Skills in the World of Media and Computer Techniques Learning Systems for Creative Architectural Design Process
EN1013 Influence of Biodiesel Production Method on its Combustion Behavior.
EN1014 Visualization Low-Speed Subsonic Wind Tunnel Design and Construction for Laboratory Application and Uses.
EN1015 Dimensioning Basra Optical Fiber Network Under Different Communication Scenarios.
EN1020 Optimization and Modeling of Oxidation Process Parameters of α-Brass Alloy.
EN1022 Decreasing the Power Dissipation and Switching Time in Hybrid AND Gate Logic Circuit
EN1023 Covid-19 Virus Is Reshaping Urban Social System Baghdad: Neighborhood /419
EN1025 Effectiveness Analysis of Beam Divergence in 40 Gbps FSO- CSRZ System Under Different Types of Rain and Snow.
EN1026 Effect of Compaction and Water Content on the Soil-Water Characteristic Curves of Fine-Grained Soils using WP4 Dew Point Hygrometer for Jolly Blue Clay
EN1027 Compaction and Water Content Effect on the Soil Water Characteristic Curves, SWCC using WP4 Dewpoint Hygrometer for Charlotte Clay.
EN1028 Utilization of Iron Lathe Waste and Post-tensioned Steel Reinforcement in Lightweight Concrete Ribbed Slabs
EN1029 A New Hybrid Method for Reducing the High PAPR in F-OFDM System with Low Complexity
EN1031 The Effect of Bulb Size of Franki Pile in Collapsible Soil
EN1032 Investigating Different Types of Bearing on the Performance and Operation of Evaporative Coolers.
EN1033 An Engineered Amelioration and Sustainability Enhancement Technique for Performance Upgrading of a Mechanical System.
EN1035 Numerical Investigation for Natural Ventilation Enhancement in Different Models by Solar Chimney Inside a Room Elicited from The Concepts of The Conventional Chimney Model.
EN1037 Replacing Traditional Stirrups with Shear Steel Plate with Sustainable High-Performance Concrete Beams under Static Load
EN1038 Impact of the Nozzle Angles, Distance between Burners, and N2 on Burning Velocity for Premixed Counter Flame.
EN1039 Effect of Nd-YAG Laser Pulses on Mechanical Properties of carbontriding Steel Type (AISI 1006).
EN1041 Numerical Study of Natural Convection from a Horizontal Cylinder with Different Cross Sections.
EN1042 Numerical Method for Finding the Balancing and Unbalancing Forces of Single Piston Engine.
EN1043 Effect of Nano-Fluid and Magnetic Field on the Heat Transfer.
EN1044 Numerical Study of Heat Transfer Enhancement in Contour Corrugated Channel Using Nanofluid and Engine Oil.
EN1045 Numerical Investigation for the Discharging Process in Cold-Water Storage Tank.
EN1046 Enhancement of the Performance of Compression Refrigeration Cycle by Cooling Condenser Air in Hot Climate.
EN1047 Computational Investigation on Free and Forced Convection Inside an Enclosure.
EN1048 Porosity Influence on Natural Convection Heat Transfer from a Heated Cylinder in a Square Porous Enclosure.
EN1049 Three-Dimensional Study of Baffles Effect on Heat Transfer in Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger.
EN1050 Numerical Analysis of Nose Shape on the Aerodynamic Characteristics of Rocket.
EN1051 Thermal Performance Improvement of Double Pass Solar Air Heater.
EN1052 Study the effect of Nanofluid on Heat Transfer in Finned Pipe with Internal V-Cut Twisted Tape.
EN1053 Melting Point and Super Cooling Point of Phase Change Materials
EN1054 Optimization of Time for CAD/CAE Paperless Learning
EN1055 Tribological Characterization of 7025/TiO2 Nanocomposite at various Amounts of Nanoreinforcement.
EN1056 Heat Transfer Enhancement of Gas Turbine Blades Using Coated Ribs with Nanocomposite Materials.
EN1057 Numerical Simulation of Pent-Roof Combustion Chamber in A SI Engine.
EN1058 Performance Study Of ACO-OFDM And DCO OFDM In Optical Camera Communication System
EN1059 Experimental Investigation of Solar Water Heater Type Helical Coil Vertical Collector with Concentrator.
EN1060 Comparison Study of Fuel Consumption and Emissions of HEVs and Conventional Vehicles in Iraq Using Real-World Cycle.
EN1061 Numerical Investigation of Heat Transfer in Enclosed Square Cavity.
EN1063 Numerical Investigation of Nanofluid in a Rectangular Microchannel Heat Sink.
EN1064 Natural Convection in Eccentric Annuli Packed with Spheres.
EN1065 Effect of Thermal Conductivity of Porous Media on Thermo-Fluid Fields of Free Convective Flow Around A Circular Cylinder Inside A Square Cavity.
EN1066 Combined Free and Forced Convection Inside an Enclosure.
EN1067 Three-Phase Flow over Rectangular and Semicircular Ribbed Vertical Channel.
EN1070 Investigation on Properties of Concrete contains Silica Fume
EN1071 Cooling of a Vertically Oriented Air-Ventilated Square Cavity.
EN1072 Heat transfer Augmentation in an Inclined Tube Using Perforated Conical Ring Inserts.
EN1074 Heat Transfer Characteristics in a Horizontal Annulus Enclosure with Uniformly Heated Stationary Inner Cylinder and Rotating Outer Cylinder.
EN1075 Enhancement of Heat Transfer in an Inclined Tube Using a Vortex Generator.
EN1076 Effect of Corrosion on the Fatigue Strength of the Medium Carbon Steel (CK 50) after a Shot Peening Technique.
EN1077 The Parametric Stability of Elastic Columns Under Different Types of Dynamic Loadings.
EN1078 COVID-19 Cases in Iraq; Forecasting Incidents Using Box – Jenkins ARIMA Model
EN1079 Aluminum Pipe Orientation and Diameter Change Effect on overall heat transfer coefficient in Heating System.
EN1080 Comparison of The Use of Two Types of Electrodes in The EDM Process and Using the Surface Response Program.
EN1081 The Numerical Solutions of Nonlinear Time-Fractional Differential Equations by LMADM
EN1082 Experimental Enhancement of Helical Coil Tube Heat Exchanger Using CuFe2O4/Water Nanofluids.
EN1083 A Review of Intelligent Control Approaches in Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems.
EN1084 Effect of Adding SiC and TiO2 Nanoparticles to AA6061 by Stir Casting Technique on the Mechanical Properties of Composites.
EN1085 Numerical Study of Lid Driven Mixed Convection in Inclined Wavy Cavity.
EN1086 The Effect of Container Shape and Porous Media on Heat Transfer.
EN1087 Natural Convection Heat Transfer in An Inclined Elliptic Enclosure with Circular Heat Source.
EN1088 The Effect of Different Air Gap Configurations of Mechanical, Thermal Insulation and Acoustic Insulation of Iraqi Hollow Concrete Blocks
EN1089 Dynamic Crack Propagation in Thin Plates Under Cycling Thermal Stresses Effect with Cycling Impact Loading.
EN1090 Review on Mixed Convective Heat Transfer in Different Geometries of Cavity with Lid Driven.
EN1091 Two-Phase Flow for Gas-Liquid, Gas-Solid, Liquid-Solid, And Liquid-Liquid in A Horizontal Smooth and Turbulator Conduit – A Review.
EN1092 Experimental and Theoretical Comparison Between Metallic and Mirror Reflectors with Different Receiver Tanks.
EN1093 Buoyancy Driven in An Inclind Circular Enclosure with Elliptic Heat Source.
EN1094 Pollutants Emission of Diesel Engine Using Bio-Ethanol and Kerosene Blends.