The 1st Al-Noor International Conference for Science and Technology (NICST2019)
October 25-29, 2019
Sulaumaniyah- Iraq


    The NICST 2019 is sponsored by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, the Ministry of Planning, and many international institutes. The conference would offer a large number of invited lectures and renowned speakers all over the country and outside Iraq. Noor Al-Ufoq Company is one of the main sponsors of this conference. The company aims to contribute to developing education, research, and training and to produce a human resource of exceptional leadership to address important societal challenges such as enhancing, developing, training, skill, and organising exhibitions as well conferences. All submitted manuscripts to the conference will be reviewed by at least two independent peers for technical merit and content. It is anticipated that a broad range of research and applied topics will be published in the hardcopy of the proceeding and conference (softcopy) CD. In addition, the proceeding will be indexed at Google and Google Scholar, also all major search engines.

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EN1006 Bandwidth and Return Loss Enhancement for Printed Elliptical Monopole Antenna
Mohammed Hadi
EN1012 Upgrading Water Treatment Plants to Reduce Power Consumption
Estabraq Khudhair
EN1020 Non-Linear Finite Element Analysis of High Strength Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Slabs
Ahmed Asaad Yaseen, Ayad A. Abdul Razzak
EN1024 The factors affect bending stresses for composite beam Manufacturing from fiber-glass
Baseem Ajel Sadkhan
EN1033 Factors Influence the Demulsifier Efficiency and Demulsification Rate for W/O Emulsion
Rasha Mohammed Abd, Abdurhman Hamid Noor
EN1038 The Effect of Recycled Steel Waste as Fibers on the Strength of Concrete
Ola Ahmed Hussein, Ibrahim Abdulrazak
EN1046 Design A tool to Generate Test Cases based on Swarm Intelligence
Mohammad Thanoon, Abdulhameed Hameed, Mohammad Zedan
EN1049 Experimental Investigation of the Water Depth Influence on Internal Heat and Mass Transfer in a Single Slope Passive Solar Still Using Chemical Additives
Hasan Shakir Majdi, Atheer Raheem, Atheer Raheem, Laith Jaafer
EN1052 Quality Upgrading of Bottled Drinking Water and Laboratory Tests for Some of their Physio – Chemical Characteristics
Mohammed Hasan Mustafa
EN1053 The Influence of Water Temperature Change on Static Pressure in a Centrifugal Pump
Mohammed Ali Mahmood, Mustafa Abdul and Laith Jaafer Habeeb
EN1055 Numerical Analysis of Transient Compressible Flow Over Backward-facing Step
Wajeeh Kamal, Ali Najim, Mohammed Mousa, Laith Jaafer
EN1056 Comprehensive Study of Cooling Techniques for Leading Edge of Modified Gas Turbine Blade
Humam Jalghaf, Laith Habeeb, Ali J Dawood, Kadhum H Ali
EN1059 Designing and Implementing an Egg Incubator Controlled by an Arduino Board
Hayder Salman, Muna Alsallal, Seaar Al-Dabooni
EN1067 Monitoring Degradation of Wetland areas using Satellite imagery and Geographic Information System techniques
Alaa Ali, Hussein Jaber
EN1072 Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) For Three Various Ages at LTE Applications
Huda I. Hamd, Marwa Al-Sultani
EN1075 Enhancement of Mechanical Properties of Aluminum Piston Alloy by Using Al2O3 Material
Haitham M. Ibrahim Al-Zuhairi, Iqbal Alshalal
EN1085 Fabrication of Hybrid Mach-Zehnder Interferometer based on an in-Fiber Dual Micro-cavities for Load Measurement
Faraqid Qasim Mohammed, Tahreer Safa’a Mansour   
EN1091 Wi-Fi Network Analyzer and Heat-mapper based on the Internet of Things
Riyam K.Marjan, Mohammed Hasan Aldulaimi
EN1093 Analyzing End-users Requirements of Al Mustaqbal University College Website: An Empirical Case Study
Hasanein Alharbi, Nariman Al-Tahan
EN1096 Feature Selection Based on Wrapper and Information Gain
Mohammad Thanoon, Abdulhameed Hameed, Mohammad Zedan
EN1105 Simulation of a SAC-OCDMA 15 User System Using Hadamard Code
Ahmed Abdul kadhim Jaber, Samir Jasim Mohammed, Ibrahim A Murdas
EN1109 Regulation of Height Position-Multi-Grid Motor Shelter on Laser Electrohydraulic System of Automatic Beam
Nazar Yasir Jasim, Ali Yousuf Khenyab, Laith Jaafer Habeeb
EN1112 Applications of High-density Concrete in Preventing the Impact of Radiation on human health
Zainab Al-Khafaji, Mayadah Falah
EN1113 Applying waste ceramics in soft soil stabilization as an economic stabilisation method
Elaf Jasim Mahan, Zahraa Ali Hammod
EN1120 Evaluation of the Mechanical Properties of High-Density Polyethylene with Mulch Waste Tires by Using Neuro-Fuzzy Model
Safaa A.S. Almtori, Imad O. Al-Fahad
EN1152 Thermodynamic Analysis for Cooling Absorption Cycle
Maki H. Zaidan, Hameed Khalaf, Abdulghafor M. Hashim